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Three Hour Kayak & Paddle Board Rentals

Every Paddle Unveils Serenity!

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Single Kayak
Tandem Kayak
Stand Up Paddle Board

Explore Lido Key, FL on a Kayak or Paddle Board Rental!

Dive into a waterborne adventure with Kayaking SRQ in the stunning landscapes of Lido Key in  Sarasota, FL. Our tagline, “Explore at Your Pace,” encapsulates the spirit of our experience. Immerse yourself in the natural allure as you gracefully navigate the serene waters at your own leisure. Our three-hour kayak and paddle board rentals offer the freedom to chart your unique course, uncovering hidden gems along the shoreline and savoring the peace that each paddle brings. Kayaking SRQ beckons you to embrace the perfect fusion of excitement and serenity, where every moment on the water is a chance to forge a deep connection with nature and craft lasting memories.

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